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Microderm Naples FL

MICRODERMABRASION the newest skin treatment

A person´s face is the first thing people notice when they meet; consequently your skin is kind of your “business card”. Microdermabrasion is here as a small procedure with little tiny exfoliating crystals sprayed on the skin to treat...

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Dermaplaning Naples FL

What is dermaplaning facial?

When it comes to the skin care regime, we often go beyond the regular home care and consider outside help and most of the time we turn for the professional dermaplaning. With the time, when you start getting...

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Even though the name Ayurveda sounds very strange to us, it is very common in the Middle East way of life, but most especially in India, its birthplace. If we separate de word, “ayur” means life, while “veda” means...

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Thai Massage Naples Fl

Thai massage is Yoga practice

There is no other way of putting it. We give this information to you right from the beginning: Thai massage is a way of Yoga practice. You can have the same benefits from Yoga by having a Thai...

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