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There is a growing demand for Ayurveda lately; in consequence there are a lot of spas offering Ayurvedic spa treatments. But there is the risk of being fooled since conventional spas are offering not authentic Ayurvedic treatments; they are putting on this Ayurvedic facade, which is only skin deep. Only few spas are authentic specialized in […]

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Lucia No 3 Light Sessions for Improved Sleep

Lucia light technology has received much attention during the past few years. The amazing health benefits delivered by it have contributed towards it. The ability to improve sleep holds a prominent place out of the benefits that are delivered by Lucia No 3 light sessions. From the recent studies, it has been identified that a […]

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How the Lucia No 3 helps with Meditation

Meditation can be considered as one of the most effective methods available out there for the people to get into a state of inner stillness and deep relaxation. A variety of methods are available for the people to engage with meditation. Out of those methods, getting the help of Lucia No 3 holds a prominent […]

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