Yon KA Aroma-Fusion Journeys Body Scrubs

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Fragrance FUSION offers a remarkably customized treatment experience too, permits the spa-goer to choose according to the aromatic world they wish to experience or their one of a kind wonder objective. When the customer has picked their aromatic focus, the spa professional uses the mix to modify a choice of three cleans or one massage oil. The clean services range in force from the delicate Gommage Doucer, the middle of the road Gommage Gormand, and the escalated Gommage Marin. These three new scour contributions with different granules and shedding intensities feature ingredients, for example, bamboo, apricot piece powder, dark colored and white sugars and marine salt for peeling.

scrub in Naples fl

Four particular massage techniques were produced to exhibit Yon-Ka’s aptitude, utilizing an all-normal, unscented massage oil, which is then customized with the think of choice. Smell Luxe, a full body manual massage experience using unwinding, depleting and invigorating techniques. Smell Sculptant, a conditioning massage with bamboo that centers around the legs for an impression of delicacy. Fragrance Relax with warm volcanic stones, facilitates muscle strain on the back. At last, Aroma-Energy for the hands and feet utilizes acupressure to evacuate energy blockages and relieve stress.

our Escapes were made joining complimentary cleans and massage treatments. These hour and a half customized experiences incorporate full body peeling, massage and concentrated body techniques, all joined with aromatic fundamental oil mixes to take the spa-goer on a voyage. The customer can choose their break dependent on the notable district in France it speaks to, similar to Getaway To Provence or the treatments’ activity, similar to Detox.

Fragrance FUSION’s retail gathering broadens the spa results with the four aromatic universes, four magnificence objectives and nine items with results situated, tangible and olfactory equations.

DETOX with fundamental oils of lavender and everlasting consummately purifies the skin, shielding it from every day stress. This accumulation incorporates Phyto Bain, a shower substance to deplete and tone. Lait Hydratant, a fragrant body drain to hydrate and recharge. Huile Detox, a light feeding body oil with detoxifying activity. Gommage Doux, a cream clean with bamboo and apricot part powder to peel alongside mango spread and sesame oil to support.

Outline has a conditioning and strengthening activity with cypress, cedar and rosemary embodiments known for their liposvelt properties to form the figure. Highlighting Huile Silhoutte, a fine, light oil to diminish and smooth the skin easily.

Essentialness features citrus fundamental oils, for example, mandarin and sweet orange to bestow an energy boosting and de-stressing activity, incorporates Crème Mains, a ultra-encouraging cream to fix and ensure hands and fingernail skin, alongside Gommage Sucre, a body clean with both dark colored and white sugar to tenderly shed and sunflower to feed.

Unwind with jasmine and tiaré blossoms for a merited break from a bustling world. Huile Délicieuse, a light oil splash supports the skin and hair with sunflower, sesame and baobab. Gommage Sucre peels and relaxes with darker and white sugars and sunflower oil.

In this tumultuous reality where harmony has turned into an extravagance, enabling the body and psyche to meet up as one is a need. Far off Ka Paris trusts that viability and prosperity are indivisible, and that adequacy flawlessly mixes with tactile intrigue. Reach the perfect harmony at the Om Spa, Naples FL, contact us TODAY!