The snail in the facial Biopelle Tensage

Snail Facial Naples FL

Snail Facial Naples FL

We all know that snails or escargots are these small slimy creatures that carry their homes wherever they go and crawls around leaving some kind of goo that allows them to keep moving. At first, though, the sole idea of touching that snail slime might be repulsive but surprisingly, doctors have discovered that it has great properties for rejuvenating and healing your skin when used in a facial. Learn a little bit more about the snail slime in the facial Biopelle Tensage you can find here in The Om Spa

Why snail slime?

Snails are very delicate creatures, they are soft and squishy, nevertheless, they’re all the time crawling and rubbing their “feet” on the hot ground. How is this possible? That’s because of the slime; the function of this mucus is to repair damaged tissue which is exactly why they secrete it constantly under their bodies.

But the real heavy-duty snail-sludge work can be seen when the escargot is injured; they secrete a whole lot of this slime and the injured is repaired in less than 24 hours by stimulating deeply the collagen and elastin. The same principle is supposed to work on human skin, even hour after the treatment is applied.

Does snail slime really work on the skin?

Well, to begin with, it doesn’t work to find any yard snail and trying to put it directly on your skin so please, AVOID THAT unless you’re completely positive that those little escargots are from the Cryptomphalus aspersa species, which is the actual species they use for beauty treatment.

But actually putting the slime roughly in your face might not be that effective. Though in some places of Japan they apply the treatment this way, truth is that the slime by itself doesn’t have the right properties to penetrate the skin. The face needs to be previously treated to receive the antioxidants and proteins this way.

Nevertheless, with some refined processing methods, Scientifics have managed to create serums that by being applied with a micro-needling process or a previous facial treatment, they can actually work into human’s skin with amazing and really quick results. Biopelle Tensage serums are only one of the many options available nowadays.

Biopelle Snail Tensage facial at The Om Spa

Here at The Om spa, we offer a great selection of facial treatments to prepare your skin for a real rejuvenation and hydration process. Though we don’t actually apply the micro needling process as it is quite invasive, our dermatologist and specialists have designed the most effective facial treatments such as dermabrasion, exfoliations, ayurvedic plants, dermaplane, etc.

But, you might be asking yourself where the snail slime appears. Well, after you’re done with your facial treatment, your skin will be ready and receptive for the snail slime serum. So we offer you post-treatment Biopelle Tensage intensive ampoules that offer up to 40 benefits to your skin and will work for hours even after the treatment is completed.

You can find The Om Spa at Naples, Florida with the best disposition and harmony to give you and your face, the skin care you need.