Acne Problems

Acne Problems Naples FL

Acne Problems Naples FL

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought how did all this acne suddenly show up on my face? It looks like only yesterday you had that perfect face until suddenly this happened. Well, there are several reasons as of WHY acne appears and some are beyond our control, however, the most common ones are that the acne appeared because of our mistakes and bad habits. It’s OK, really, because 80% of the world population does this mistakes without actually knowing that it’s bad for us.

Here are the reasons as of why you probably got that acnes that you hate so much.

Bad Diet – This is one of the best and most reasonable factors which caused your acnes because due to too much oily food and junk-food. You’ve probably met people that stay on a lousy diet and their face has acnes that seems like it gets worse every day. Always remember that too much of anything is bad for you and can therefore cause acne.

Not Washing Your Face – I can’t even emphasize how important this factor is in preventing acne. To get a clearer perspective, you’d have to wash your face up to six times per day in order to have a clean face with no risk whatsoever of acne. Many people tend to use their hand to pick up documents, put their hands on their dirty desks or literally anything else that it’s dirty and then either put it on their face or through their hair. That is completely wrong to do if you want to prevent to have acne and this would be one of the other factors.

Too Much Cosmetics – This is especially for ladies who tend to use a lot of cosmetics to make themselves look better. Well, for the most cases, that is not true, because the more you put oils and creams on your face the more the acne will worsen, so try to avoid letting the oil stay on your face overnight and try to take off all makeup, wash your face and only then go to sleep.

If it’s too late and your acne already exploded, you don’t have to worry because we can help you get rid of it for good! Here in Naples, Florida at the Om Spa, we have the highest-quality equipment that can help you get rid of that acne once and for all and have the amazing and clean face you’ve always wanted!