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Everything Microneedling Naples

Everything Microneedling Naples

Why does our face become less plump and saggy over time? Why do we even have lines and wrinkles on our face? As we grow older, our internal collagen production decreases rapidly. This degenerative process already begins at the tender age of 25. Collagen is a natural protein which gives our skin its firmness and elasticity, making it appears to taunt.  However, over time, environmental factors, such as sun exposure, stress, smoking and drinking, and other lifestyle choices are the cause of premature ageing, which further causes a decrease in collagen synthesis. Due to these factors, wrinkles, age spots and lines become more visible, revealing what we know as “natural signs of ageing”.

Many do ask the question if there is a solution for this. YES, there is! The micro-needling facial is one of the most effective methods that help you get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. This process combines both collagen and elastin, which help in reducing blemishes, and skin thinning problem, making a face livelier.

But firstly let’s discuss what Micro-needling is

Micro-Needling also was known as collagen induction therapy is a radical medical cosmetic treatment that is a kind of Collagen Induction Therapy. This procedure can be carried out in a clinic in addition to home care treatments. This process involves the use of fine needles to create in the top layer of skin many tiny, invisible puncture wounds. This new skin care treatment is gaining in popularity mainly because of the fact that shows results so quickly.

This treatment can be done by a trained aesthetician or plastic surgeon and is virtually painless and incredibly effective. Micro-needling is one way of giving nature a helping hand to rejuvenate your skin. It encourages collagen production by creating hundreds of microscopic channels on the skin. This helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and other skin imperfections. Consistent use of this treatment also prevents them from reappearing.

Some of the benefits of Micro-Needling Facial include

  1. Micro-needling facial reduces fine and deep wrinkles

The main reason for going for micro-needling facial is to help improve the growth of collagen and elastin, which in the long run to give new youthful-looking skin. When you visit some doctors, they will explain to you that this procedure is arguably the most effective way to stop ageing and prevent new fine lines and wrinkles from forming. Just a few sessions of micro needling facial has the ability to get rid of the generation of new skin cells, reduce fine lines, deep wrinkles, and crow’s feet on the face.

  1. Micro-needling facial repairs visible scars

By a research conducted on acne-scarred participants in a 2009 study, nearly 100% experience a huge improvement in the visibility of their acne scars. For acne scars, it can be treated at home with a 1.5-mm handheld roller (but should be done with enough instructions). However, if you have a more severe acne scars, you may need the help of a professional dermatologist or facialist who performs micro needle facial treatments.

  1. Micro-needling facial reverses sun damage and pigmentation

Once again, one of the most effective ways to improve your facial looks is through collagen, and this goes far beyond reducing wrinkles. You had been able to reverse sun damage and discolouration, including melasma by only stimulating collagen growth with micro needling. Additionally, micro needling has also been proven to be a promising treatment for the blotchy, brownish facial pigmentation conditions by a 2015 study. If you are also doing home treatment, you need a dermaroller needles ranging from 1.0 mm an 1.5 mm in length to improve extra pigmentation from sun-damaged skin.

  1. Micro-needling facial helps ageing skin

Micro-needling facial also has the ability to tighten loose skin on top of the ability to smooth and correct damaged skin, which makes it perfect for older men and women. Micro-needling has also been proven to achieve “skin rejuvenation, tightening, and scar remodelling” by a 2015 study in the International Journal of Dermatology and also offers a simple and effective treatment for photoaged skin” with quick turnaround effects.

  1. Micro-needling facial shrinks pores

It’s a bit counter-intuitive because many people do think micro needling pierce your skin hundreds of times and enlarge pores as you might imagine —But it doesn’t. Instead, micro needling facial helps pores appear even smaller. Micro-needling facial improves collagen in and around the area of your pores, which causes them to feel closed or plump. So, who does not like or want smaller pores?

After the process of micro needling facial, the healing period will depend on each individual; some patients will experience some slight swelling and redness or pinkness for some period of days following the micro needling facial procedure. Meanwhile, there are some situations where some people skin might return to normal in 24 hours. Applying ANTI AGING VIT C FACIAL immediately or after the procedure will soothe the skin and reduces inflammation.