Thai massage is Yoga practice

Thai Massage Naples Fl

Thai Massage Naples Fl


There is no other way of putting it. We give this information to you right from the beginning: Thai massage is a way of Yoga practice. You can have the same benefits from Yoga by having a Thai massage, and why not having more? Instead of the typical masseuse pressing your muscles and also kneads them while you just lay down and watch. Well, Thai massage differs from the conventional Western type of massage and makes you a participant in the whole process. You will be involved as an active participant in your relaxation process with Thai massages.

Why is it like Yoga?

On one hand, one of the differences between regular massaging and Thai massaging is that you regularly do it on a padded mat on the floor, which is very similar to Yoga. In addition, Yoga also seeks stretch your body and release you from all tension while doing so, a very familiar process to Thai massaging. Both are meant to make you feel relieved and relaxed.

Get down and feel good

On the other hand, always take this into consideration: the tighter your body and muscles are, the less energy you will have circulating in your body. As time goes by, this tense situation can affect your blood circulation and also your aging process, that`s why we have to get the power on back in your body. Thai massage uses cooperative yoga poses- also known as Asanas- to get that energy moving throughout your whole body. Besides increasing the blood flow and making the energy move, Thai massaging can also get rid of all toxicity and accumulated waste in your body.

You also can tonify and relax your body muscles with these exercises you will do with the masseuse working as your partner. Furthermore, there are many benefits you can get from Thai massage.

Ease the pain

If you have a chronic pain problem in your body, you could feel relieved from it if you follow a Thai massage protocol for 15 weeks in very short sessions. Get rid of that chronic back pain you have been having and saying that “it will be ok”- as if doing nothing will suddenly vanish the pain- with a full Thai massage treatment.  Furthermore, have you ever had the old shoulder blade pain? This is actually called  scapulocostal syndrome, and it has been proven that Thai massages can make that pain go away.

To wrap up, it is known that Western society has always seen things like Yoga and massages just as an additional and secondary way of feeling relaxed. But little they know, given that both a Yoga treatment and a Thai massage can heal a person more than we think. We are so used to the idea that a doctor is the guy (or woman) who uses the syringe and the scalps to treat diseases, that we actually forget the real benefits Yoga and Thai massages can give, which are both very similar.