Have a SpaCation in Naples Florida

Spa Vacation In Naples FL

Spa Vacation In Naples FL

New Spa Rituals

The wellness industry across the globe has been growing every day and there are new additions in the treatment options available almost every day. The human body is a complex mechanism and there are countless ways it can be treated and healed. Wellness workers around the globe are constantly working to come up with procedures that bring about the most effective results combined with the least side effects. Let’s look at the most recent wellness-related treatment options and ways that can contribute to the reduction of stress and anxiety in the human mind.

  1. A SPACation

Going to a local spa for a treatment once a month or week is old school. The newest trend is going out of the city or country for a vacation to spa hotel. Living in this hotel for a few days or weeks and getting a new treatment every day from the spa is the ultimate solution to all your problems. A spacation can also include exercise packages and dinner opportunities that contribute to the wellbeing of the mind. “Food that feeds your soul” is a phrase often used to describe the food that makes a person content and satisfied with their life and their surroundings. Such food is a good companion on a spacation along with the pedicures, massages, baths and what not.

  1. Forest bathing

What might sound like the weirdest thing you’ve heard is actually quite a common and popular practice in Japan. Also known as Shinrin-Yoku, forest bathing includes searching for the most remote and unique places of a forest and then using them for meditation and healing. It starts with a walk in the forest to begin the search and ends with just sitting in the forest to immerse yourself in nature completely. This can be done in wile forests or also in certain resorts and hot spring centers that give a similar feel and are safer. Forest bathing is proven to reduce levels of stress and anxiety and thus promote alleviation of depression. A better outlook on life and positive thoughts are just a few of the changes that people experience after bathing in nature.

  1. Heat and Mud

The primary ways to relax and heal in the most conventional way include the use of mud and heat in saunas and hammam beds. Contrary to popular belief, these practices have gained appreciation once again and are being adopted once again. The health benefits associated with the use of heat and mud have been re-discovered and there have been unique inventions with the inclusion of latest cosmetic supplements and essential oils. These tested and proven ingredients add to the relaxing experience of mud and saunas, making the perfect package for anybody that is looking for full healing. Another innovative take on this is the infrared sauna which doesn’t heat the air but warms the body from inside out resulting in a deeper penetration of heat through the body for better detoxification, and circulation of blood.