Shedding Lucia Light on the Third Eye

Lucia No 3 Naples FL

Lucia No 3 Naples FL

We have all, at one time or another, sought to make a positive change in one or more aspects of our lives, only to discover that we run into an unseen roadblock. The fact of the matter is that we are very often the masters of our own demise, with the subconscious mind working in the background to talk us out of every good idea that we have. Breaking through that barrier is tough, but not altogether impossible, but it often takes a less than normal approach to make it happen. People have turned to hypnosis, sweat lodges, or have taken ayahuasca to break through the conscious barrier, and now some are turning to light in search of answers and self-improvement.

The reason that people use alternative methods to help is not an act of desperation because all else has failed, but rather as an atempt to access the Third Eye, or Inner Eye as it is sometimes called. The Third Eye is something that we all possess, but which most of us are unable to access without some sort of assistance. Gaining access means being able to clearly see the paterns that have designed your life to this point, which means also being able to see where you have made repeated missteps along the way. With access to that data, it is then possible to reroute the path that lies ahead, making for a smoother, happier passage through life.

If we are going to discuss the Third Eye in medical terms, then we have to talk about the pineal gland, which many believe to be the gateway to the soul. The pineal gland lies in the center of the brain, and helps to regulate everything from sleep cycles to hormonal cycles, and much more. It is also responsible for any dreams and visions that we have, as it releases a psychedelic compound known as Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Since the pineal gland is a light receptor, it stands to reason that light may stimulate the pineal gland and open up the Third Eye.

Now, a spa in Naples, Florida is testng out that theory using something known as a Lucia Light on those in search of a little self-awakening. The light itself is made up of 8 LED lights surrounding a halogen light, all of which flicker and pulse at vary speeds. The person using the light need not do anything but relax with their eyes loosely closed, as the light will penetrate the lids and stimulate the pineal gland and release DMT, which essentally allows the Third Eye to start seeing clearly again.

It may seem like an odd approach, but people who have used it have spoken of the positive effects that it has had on their life. The benefits run the gamut from being able to sleep better to being better equipped to handle personal relationships. If you want to explore your life and what you need to do to make it better, perhaps it’s time to shine a little light on the situation.

Light salons are soaring in popularity across Europe and Australia and it’s exciting to be on the frontier here in America. The experience itself is unlike anything else and the depth and profundity only be comprehended by those who have journeyed into the light. It is a meditative experience that allows each person to relax in awe and walk away feeling calm, clear and deeply relaxed. This experience is exclusively available at The Om Spa in Naples FL. The Om Spa offers this service for conventions, festivals, retreats, spas, meditation centers, yoga studios and more!