There is a growing demand for Ayurveda lately; in consequence there are a lot of spas offering Ayurvedic spa treatments. But there is the risk of being fooled since conventional spas are offering not authentic Ayurvedic treatments; they are putting on this Ayurvedic facade, which is only skin deep. Only few spas are authentic specialized in Ayurveda.


What kind of Ayurvedic spa treatments can you find in Om Spa?

The 100% authentic Ayurvedic spa treatments penetrate and cleanse the entire body by deeply removing embedded toxins and bring balance to the body, it could add years to your life. There is something conventional spa treatments have never been able to do and it is effectively remove he stored toxins in fat by about 50%.

These Ayurvedic spa treatments work by holistically rejuvenating the mind, body and spirit. Through this unique experience you get immersed n the ancient vedic culture to help you reach the most potent healing effect possible.

Here is a list of different Ayurvedic spa treatments at Om Spa in Naples FL, and why are they good for you.

  • Third eye therapy treatment. 130$ (50 minutes)

Consists in an upper body massage as face, neck, scalp, ear and Marma points 40 minute massage incorporated with warmed oils and a traditional kansa to calm the central nervous system, to integrate mind and body. All this to achieve a heightened state of relaxation, awareness and contentment. This divine therapy helps you awake your intuitive knowledge and it´s recommended to wait at least 30 minutes after the treatment to let your body gently awake before you drive or do any other activity.

Even though you should leave the sesame oil on for a couple of hour or the whole night, you might take a shower if you like. This is included in the full treatment.

This unique massage focuses face, neck, scalp and Marma points (Indian version for acupressure points). To relief stress it helps by getting rid of excess heat and energy from the upper body. It reduces tension and insomnia and slows the aging process.

  • Indian reflexology massage. 65$ (30 minutes)

There is a special emphasis on the Marma points to revitalize, detoxify and harmonize the entire body and mind by releasing the flow of energy. Some Ayurvedic herbs are applied to the five energy channels on the feet, followed by rhythmic, nourishing and flowing massage with heated therapeutic oils. All your vital energy points that move electromagnetic energy through the body will receive a special emphasis during the massage.

How could anyone resist to the benefits given by the authentic techniques focused in the wellness of your mind and body equal; the point here is to achieve the natural flow of energy through your entire body. The goal is to achieve your complete health, not only how your skin looks. But how you feel