The Om Spa enhancement menu offers additional options to customize the perfect treatment for each guest. Choose any enhancement that sounds appealing and let our skilled therapists help you create the optimal experience and result.

 Facial Enhancements for $30

Eye or Lip treatment at the om spa naples fl

Eye or Lip treatment

Target deep absorption of any facial serum around the eye area.


Moroccan Oil Scalp treatment

Using the strengthening properties of the Moroccan oil with a deeply relaxing scalp massage to reduce tension, condition the scalp and leave you with beautiful healthy hair.

Bio Lift Micro Current Spa Treatment

See an immediate difference with a micro-current facial treatment with muscle lifting technology choose between brow, eye or jaw lift.

Massage Enhancements for $30

Massage Enhancements at the om spa naples fl

Hand, Foot or Back Reviver

Reveal smoother skin with this exfoliating and nourishing treatment that will leave your choice of hands, feet or back smooth, soft and bright.


Dry Skin Brushing

Enjoy a refreshing back exfoliation prior to any massage to instantly soften, smooth and revitalize your skin

Kansa Bowl

Feel this unique Ayurvedic enhancement will leave you profound sense of contentment. The Kansa bowl is made from three of the earth’s metals, and contains specific properties to balance vital energies within the body. The silver balances Pitta, copper balances Kapha, and brass balances Vata.