referred to as “Ra’au Tahiti”, which literally means “traditional remedy”, has a wealth of over 2,000 plants that have been used for thousands of years by Polynesian healers for their recognized efficacy. Among these plants are Tahiti Monoï, a remarkable Polynesian sacred oil, and Noni, also called “the universal remedy of the ancients” because of its remarkable protective and healing properties.

SMOOTHING SUBLIME SCRUB WITH NATURAL MONOÏ NONI (20MIN*) A bliss-inducing ritual from the Polynesian Islands even for sensitive skin. This indigenous preparation of Monoï made of macerated Tiare blossoms, raw sugar, ground coconut powder and Noni fruit will regenerate skin and renew the spirit.* only sold in supplement with another treatment 20 minutes, $65

SOOTHING FRENCH-POLYNESIA MASSAGE RITUAL (50MIN OR 80MIN) A body massage treatment inherited from The Polynesian healers and inspired by Lomi-Lomi, which uses deep pressure from the therapist’s forearms and long continuous movements. Tiare flower notes accompany you all along this blissful experience of instant relief. 50 minutes, $140 80 minutes, $170

POLISHING “PAPAYA PURÉE” SCRUB (20 MIN*) A delicate yet effective body polishing practice born of a Siamese ritual with an unctuous and finely grained “papaya purée” of an inviting dark tangerine color. Deliciously perfumed, skin is buffed to perfection to unveil the most superb radiance. *only sold in supplement with another treatment  45 minutes, $100

SMOOTHING SUBLIME SCRUB WITH NATURAL NONI & MONOI OF TAHITI, Drawing inspiration from the Polynesian Islands and perfectly suitable for the most sensitive skin, this traditional preparation of Monoï, made from infused Tiaré blossoms (Tahitian gardenias), raw sugar and ground coconut powder will regenerate skin and awaken the spirit. 40 minutes, $100

BORA BORA BACK FACIAL This treatment cleanses and purifies your back by using a seeds & flowers gentle exfoliant. Includes extraction and a fruits & flowers mask with AHA’s and glycolic acid. Your back will look and feel smoother after this treatment. 30 minutes, $90

“BALI FLOWERS RITUAL” EXPRESS RADIANCE FACIAL Enjoy the delicate scents of tropical flowers in this “express radiance” treatment inspired by Balinese Beauty Rituals and discover its beneficial effects of skin cleansing, well being and beauty. 30 minutes, $80

“FIVE FLOWERS RITUAL” ILLUMINESCENCE FACIAL Based on an ancestral Balinese ritual, this treatment includes a purifying deep pore cleansing and blends the extracts of five tropical flowers and a skin glowing patented ingredient, the Kombuchka®. A mesmerizing massage of the face, nape and shoulder muscles awakens skin vitality. 60 minutes, $130

“BALI FLOWER AND FRUITS RITUAL” SKIN PERFECTION FACIAL Deep cleansing treatment, skin perfector and “radiance booster” inspired by Balinese beauty rituals. Take full advantage of the benefits of the natural tropical flowers and natural AHA fruit acids active ingredients to restore purified and smoothed skin for a radiant complexion. 50 minutes, $140