Your eyebrows are an important part of your overall first impression. They not only frame the eyes, but can also provide us with a more youthful look.When they are shaped and blended into your overall look they can enhance your eyes and contribute to your emotions. Our artist creates hair strokes so your eye brows look like real hair and very natural.


Microblading Naples FL


Microblading is a great way to sculpt your eyebrows into a look that complements your overall look versus taking away from it.



Microblading is a ‘semi-permanent tattoo’ that is used to sculpt, form and reshape the eyebrows. This is done using a hand tool that directly places the pigment into the upper part of the skin.



It isn’t a pain-free experience, but past patients have described the pain to be manageable and not nearly as severe as tattooing. By using finer needles, a shallower depth and the use of numbing gel, the pain of microblading can be reduced.



Healthy adults who want to give their eyebrows a smoother, fuller, cleaner look are the best candidates for microblading. When you schedule a consultation, it’s a good idea to tell a member of our medical team any allergies you may have as well as any previous skincare treatments you have received.



The process begins by cleaning and numbing the area; your artist will map out your brow’s shape and choose the perfect mixture of pigments. This procedure is very interactive and you will be part of all the decision-making. The initial session is completed in a day, but the length of time depends on how extensive the procedure is.


One of the main advantages of microblading is its quick recovery time. There is little to no downtime following a procedure and results are seen immediately. The pigment will lighten in the immediate days after the procedure as the pigment settles in. The size of the brow will slightly decrease as your skin heals.



Because it’s a semi-permanent tattoo the results vary, microblading can last a lifetime if you continue with annual color boosts. Since the pigment isn’t placed as deeply as a tattoo, yearly color boosts are recommended. It’s mandatory that patients come back to the office 4-8 weeks after the initial appointment to complete the procedure. We call this the “perfecting session” or “step two.” Microblading is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to show off the hidden beauty of your face. Call today and set up a consultation with a member of our  team to discuss what microblading can do for you.


During The First Microblading Session

In the first session of Microblading, the whole procedure usually takes about 2-3 hours. In this process, the technician will shape and style the eyebrows according to the client’s facial structure; this part is the sketching of the eyebrows and for client’s approval.


Then, the selection of pigment color follows, well-trained and experienced Microblading technician already knows the best color that fits the customer’s brows. Once the client is satisfied with the brow shape, style, and pigment color choices, the procedure will now begin.


The Second Microblading Session

The second session usually takes place FOUR TO SIX WEEKS RIGHT AFTER THE INITIAL SESSION. The client will come back and visit the salon for the second time for necessary touch-ups, the session will take about two hours to complete.


Microblading is a procedure of patience and dedication. Touch-up is necessary for achieving desired brow results. But once the sessions finished and the eyebrows completely healed,


Appointment time includes; Time for consultation, Client paperwork, Numbing time for client, Designing or face mapping of procedure, Color choice, Actual procedure and Aftercare. The procedures alone usually only take 45 min to 1.5 hours.


A non refundable deposit  is required  to book permanent makeup services. Deposits go towards the Scheduled Procedures Service Fee.


$499 – Initial Procedure

$150 – Touch up (within 12 weeks of initial Microblade)

$100 Tattoo Correction Consult

Please contact via email or phone The Om Spa to discuss correction from a PREVIOUS tattoo artist not working under Mary. If they changed colors, unhappy with shape or want a touch up. Price is for face to face consultation. Phone/email-FREE