Sleep and the benefits of spa treatments

With time the demand craze for spa treatments are increasing, thanks to its long drawn benefits and features that make it worth enough for all individuals. However there are many opinions about regular spa treatments and sleep are well founded to get the benefits of better sleep with such treatments. If you are stressed and tired after a day of work, many will try spa treatments for better sleep such as massage has proven effective for the purpose.

The Om Spa Floatation tank in Naples Fl
The best spa treatments for better sleep are Floatation Tanks, also known as isolation tanks and sensory deprivation tanks are great for sleep problems. According to a 1999 research study, during floatation there is an increase in the theta waves in our brain. Theta waves have been shown in other studies to be activated by meditation. They are also the brain waves active during REM sleep and the drowsiness immediately before and after sleeping; Flotation helps you to easily reach theses state to help you provide respite after stressful work, quite rejuvenating for working professionals. One hour of floatation is worth 4 hours of sleep. There are many day spas or floatation centers coming up in the market, make sure you seek the help of a quality spa that is known for these unique spa treatments. Experts too believe that there are some long lasting benefits of pain relief spa treatments and that makes it worth enough for regular use. The best thing about spa treatments and flotation is that, it can help you provide respite from all kinds of aches as well as pains.
Many individuals are seen using spa treatments for better sleep along with a recommendation of medical sleep professionals as treatment plan help build sleep architecture with such treatments that can make your time far more productive. There was a study conducted amongst employees and it was found that there is considerable increase in productivity with regular spa treatments. To take care of your body is a personal choice. Some of the effective benefits of spa treatment are that it helps in cleansing of organs and detoxification. With everyday life there are harmful toxins that tend to get accumulated in human body, regular treatments at quality spas can help in cleansing, water retention and bloating conditions can be easily dealt with.

Sleep and massage The Om Spa
With regular spa treatments, aging process of an individual can be slowed down improving your skin and it also promotes skin health. There are enough advantages and benefits found with regular spa treatment, make sure you get it from the best of professionals like at The Om Spa. Erik the spa manager of The Om Spa stated that “he recommends the detoxification package of Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Infrared Sauna, Ionic Detox Foot Bath and a Float session” as a great way to get started to getting your system back to harmony. Call for your appointment 239-631-5895

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