The Om Spa is excited to announce for the this month Dec 18,19, we are hosting Traveling Light’s Lucia N3 hypnagogic light machine. Experience an altered state of consciousness by stimulating your third eye while simply relaxing with your eyes closed under the light. This experience is exclusively available at The Om Spa in Naples FL.


Light salons are soaring in popularity across Europe and Australia and it’s exciting to be on the frontier in America. The experience itself is unlike anything else and the depth and profundity only be comprehended by those who have journeyed into the light. It is a meditative experience that allows each person to relax in awe and walk away feeling calm, clear and deeply relaxed.

While floatation allows the body to fully relax by removing stimuli, the light stimulates your third eye (pineal gland), helping you mentally unwind, as you witness incredible colors, patterns, sacred geometry and images created uniquely by your mind.

your brain on light
Calm and awe your mind with the light and then allow your body to follow with a float, mix it up, or even just journey into the light….

The Lucia N°03 Hypnagogic Light Machine is a kinetic light device used for deep relaxation, meditation and to access alternate states of consciousness.

* * Light travelers simply sit in front or lie under the light, close their eyes, and the journey begins * *

White light enters the retina and touches upon the pineal gland, creating an amazing and powerful kaleidoscopic experience of vivid colors, psychedelic effects and sacred geometric shapes and forms. Music (chosen by the light traveler) enhances the experience as the mind combines the two, creating synesthesia – an experience of seeing music.

Developed by a neurologist and a psychologist, the device stimulates harmonic patterns of frequencies in different parts of the brain which are usually only attainable after practicing meditation for decades.

Reported benefits of “Traveling in the Light”:
Deep Relaxation
Inspiration and Awe
Visions of a wide spectrum of colors, sacred geometry, vortexes and images
Temporary changes of EEG wave patterns usually only found after decades of meditation
Enhanced Feeling of Wellbeing
Increased Harmony in Relationships
Improved Sleep
Improved Focus and Concentration
Enhanced Creativity
“I was every spectrum of the rainbow. The universe was showing me love and appreciation; they let me in”
“I was actually in the universe, I had stars, they came out at the right time”
“It was like seeing inside my soul, it’s euphoric.”
“wow that was crazy, like seeing on the atomic level, all matter was shaking and vibrating”
“It was an out-of-body spiritual experience. it’s like you lose all sense of time, like reality is somewhere else”

Naples Float

Experiencing sacred, expanded states of consciousness and connecting to our inner essence of pure love, peace and joy can be life-changing. The opportunity to reap the remarkable long term benefits of several light sessions is one that we encourage you to experience.

Experience Floating into the Light with
one or both offers below:

3 – One Hour Float Sessions = $100
1 – 20 Minute Light Sessions = $45
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just give us a call – 239-631-5895

We have appointments available for the light
every 30 minutes all day every day.

We also have appointments available for the tanks
every 2 hours on the even hours.

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The Traveling Light Machine!

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  1. admin
    • December 4, 2015

    This is a Must Try! Only in town for 2 Days

  2. admin
    • December 13, 2015

    Almost booked up for Friday. Book your appointment soon.