Where to Float in Naples Fl

Where I Float in Naples

If you find yourself in Naples Fl and you are looking where to float. Might I recommend a weightless experience of floating, in a Samadhi float tank. I might just have your next ( must do before you die, bucket list) item. On the sandy beaches of the Gulf of mexico is a sophisticated little town known for it shopping, shows and tropical nature. Naples is not just for the rich, you can make it a great family fun destination that is affordable and exciting. The Om Spa has created a space for you to stretch out and unwind. When you experience a float session with a massage or a facial you truly experience a bliss that is hard to describe to others that’s afordable.

Where is floatation tank in Naples FL

The Experience of Floating

The floatation tank is a place to minimize the information coming into your brain and senses of the body, to be isolated from the stimuli that await you from the outside world, and to let your limitless consciousness float in the peaceful womb of earthbound zero gravity. In today’s world sensory over stimulation is a very real problem, our generation is constantly seeking ways to turn off the constant stream of information coming at them from every direction during every waking moment.

Floating has many benefits

Floating relieves stress, insomnia and muscular aches pains, nervousness, anxiety and jet lag. You can use it to improve your concentration and memory. Many people use our  float tank to stimulate creative thinking and to solve problems, academic testing or to prep for sporting activities.

While you reach the state of relaxation, the brain shifts from its usual “alpha” state to generate theta waves, the state-of-mind that Buddhist monks try to reach through hours of meditation and years of training. You can achieve this in a matter of minutes just by lying back into the silky warm Samadhi tank of bliss!

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No credit card required when you setup your account . Pay after you float.
Please avoid caffeine and do not shave or wax the day of your float session.



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