By Advanced Practitioner Asli Theobald

When I was 12 years old, I remember a nature documentary which left a huge impression on me. It was about the way an ecosystem’s balance is maintained by even the most insignificant seeming bacteria whose job is to decompose things. I asked my mother what may be responsible for Nature’s balance and synergy. My mother told me one may never figure this out and it would be best not to think too much and worry about such stuff. I remember laughing and saying that I would not mind devoting my life to finding out the answer if I must. This made my mother look disturbed and upset. reiki

Why was nature mysteriously unified and connected, with everything sustaining everything else in a manner serving the good of the whole? I continued to ponder this almost obsessively day and night, in exactly the way my mother had warned me I should not. I realized that the cells and organs of living systems are also unified and connected synergistically just like the components of natural ecosystems or forests. Good health is synonymous with the way every part of one’s body functions harmoniously, the way the health and endurance of an ecosystem depends on its synchronicity. When the synergistic connectedness of one’s physiology gets disrupted and the good of the whole gets compromised, diseases and ultimately death results as in the case of death caused by cancerous cells multiplying out of control on their own accord. Life itself seemed to be nothing but an incredibly advanced degree of harmony or synergy, and nature seemed to be alive and healthy in proportion to the coherence it sustains. Geneticist Mae-Wan Ho elaborates on the unified ‘wholeness’ aspect of Nature as follows in her book “The Rainbow and the Worm – The Physics of Organisms”:

“An organism, according to Whitehead, is “a locus of prehensive unification”. Whitehead asserts that the fundamental particles of physics such as protons and electrons are organisms, as much as at the other extreme entire planets such as Earth are also organisms. Nevertheless, he does recognize gradations of organisms and hence of consciousness. Each organism, in the act of prehensive unification, enfolds the environment consisting of others into a unity residing in a ‘self’, while aspects of the self are communicated to others.”

Looking at the weeds growing out of the cracks in concrete sidewalks and roads, I wondered why life springs out whenever it can even under the harshest conditions against all obstacles. I also noted the way the mind boggling unified wholeness called life does not only permit coherent systems to preserve their holistic integrity and stay alive – it lets them even repair themselves spontaneously. An organism can self-repair or spontaneously heal faster from any disruption to its synergy in proportion to the overall harmony or health its body retains. As I continued to look at the weeds springing out of the cracks in concrete, I also noted that nature’s harmony too has the power to automatically self-repair and make itself come alive again whenever not prevented from doing so. The universe did seem to be an organism permeated with some fascinating synchronizing power or organizing intelligence or consciousness.

I begged mother nature to let me find out more about its mysterious harmonizing power or life force. I asked her to show me how harmony can be restored in a world which needs it so badly. At the age of 29 I packed two suitcases and left my country to search for the answers I had so far not been able to find. Ignoring the loud protests of of my mother as well as almost all my friends, I went to Hawaii to learn about how to channel the universe’s harmonizing force called Reiki. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “The Higher Power” and Ki which means “life force energy” (also commonly referred to as Chi or Qi or Qui as in Quigong or TaiQui). My Reiki master further explained how the universe is filled with this harmonizing force or life force. She told that all of us do possess the ability to channel and direct Reiki into any needed area if we open our minds to it. I found myself nodding, feeling in my heart that the Higher Power permeating nature must have created its advanced organisms with the ability to tune into its harmonizing force and direct it.

As I learned how to channel the Reiki, I was told I can feel it flow through my hands in the form of heat or sometimes as tingling. I have so far always felt the Reiki flow as heat, and all of my clients have reported feeling the energy flow out of my hands into them as heat. During a 60 minute session, you will also experience and observe how nature’s harmonizing force feels, flows and charges you, spontaneously restoring your body’s synergistic coherence and wholeness and eliminating disorder and chaos. This is why Dr Oz has recommended millions to try Reiki on his show (, first declaring energy medicine to be ultimately the most important alternative treatment of all, after which he had a Reiki master remove a lady’s headache. Dr Oz has even incorporated Reiki into his open-heart surgeries.

Although Western medicine may have some undeniable uses and benefits, I agree with the way alternative health practitioners often refer to it as disease care instead of health care. Receiving the Reiki energy has no side effects and it recognizes no “incurable” diseases. In the online medical article database of the US National Library of Medicine (, there exists a peer reviewed article on how Reiki even helps with Alzheimer’s ( In cases of patients with mild Alzheimer’s, the article reports that “Results indicated statistically significant increases in mental functioning (as demonstrated by improved scores of the AMMSE) and memory and behavior problems (as measured by the RMBPC) after Reiki treatment. ”

The Pubmed article database of the US government mentioned above specializes in reviews of significant clinical effectiveness research with easy-to-read summaries for consumers. Below is another peer reviewed research paper abstract found here on Reiki.

Integr. Cancer Ther. 2014 Jan;13(1):62-7. doi: 10.1177/1534735413503547. Epub 2013 Oct 7.


Fleisher KA1, Mackenzie ERFrankel ESSeluzicki CCasarett DMao JJ.


Objective: This mixed methods study sought to evaluate the outcomes of an integrative Reiki volunteer program in an academic medical oncology center setting.

Results: Of the 213 pre-post surveys of first-time sessions in the evaluation period, we observed a more than 50% decrease in self-reported distress (from 3.80 to 1.55), anxiety (from 4.05 to 1.44), depression (from 2.54 to 1.10), pain (from 2.58 to 1.21), and fatigue (from 4.80 to 2.30) with P < .001 for all. Using conservative estimates that treat missing data as not endorsing Reiki, we found 176 (82.6%) of participants liked the Reiki session, 176 (82.6%) found the Reiki session helpful, 157 (73.7%) plan to continue using Reiki, and 175 (82.2%) would recommend Reiki to others. Qualitative analyses found that individuals reported that Reiki induced relaxation and enhanced spiritual well-being.

A few months ago I moved from Iowa and permanently relocated to Southwest Florida. My goal is to further educate especially the elderly generation here about the great need for a complementary health care approach to Western Medicine and drugs. As I keep trying to accomplish this, I still often face the truth of Goethe’s famous words “A person hears only what he understands”. I have tried showing doctors a folder full of more than 30 peer reviewed research article abstracts about the clinically replicable benefits of Reiki – it did not even get seen by many MD’s let alone getting heard, showing me how Goethe had underestimated it. But this has begun to improve thanks to frontiers like Dr Oz, who has told the world on CNN that “I think that energy and the use of energy healing will be the biggest frontier medicine of the next decade.” (

During my healing practice for more than 10 years, I have had great results in especially pain management in arthritis or back problems. I have successfully helped clients quit addictions and detoxify, as well as improve high blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, obesity, lupus, asthma, allergies and much more. Reiki also works effectively on all animals.

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