The ancient healing art of Traditional Thai Massage dates back over 2,500 years and was considered a spiritual practice connected directly to the teachings of Buddha. Its earliest roots lie not in Thailand, but in India. Thai Massage was traditionally performed with a mat on the floor in many of the temples of Thailand. The client would remain fully clothed except for the feet. Clothing needed to be loose enough to allow for flexible movement. Typically, no lubrication is used in this 2 to 2 1/2 hour routine. The techniques commonly used in Traditional Thai Massage consist of pressure being applied to energy lines, the treatment of acupressure points and passive yoga style stretching. The energy lines in Traditional Thai Massage are referred to as sen lines. It’s within those lines that the acupressure points are found and treated. In theory, over 72,000 of these lines exist in a person’s body, although only the 10 main lines typically are treated. Because Thai Massage works with the energy body, the sen lines are the basis for this form of medical massage.Swe-Thai

Traditional Thai Massage often is referred to as Yoga Massage. There is a distinct connection between Hatha Yoga and Traditional Thai Massage. Many of the postures found in Thai Massage have an undeniable similarity to Hatha Yoga. This beneficial style of stretching is a large part of Thai Massage.

The giving of a Thai Massage is understood to be the physical application of loving kindness known as “Metta.” It should be performed in a meditative state of mind, which eventually will enable the Thai Massage Practitioner to develop an innate intuition to better treat the specific needs of each individual person. The master teachers of Thailand continually reinforce this method of working slowly and in a meditative state of mind. Also, extremely important is the use of proper body mechanics which consist of working always with a straight spine, straight arms and using the weight of your body to press down.

OM SIGNATURE MASSAGE                                                                                                                                     Swe-Thai Indulge with relaxing, combines Eastern and western modalities with therapeutic benefits of Swedish massage with Thai stretching, rocking and pressure points. Helps reduce muscle tension and increase circulation, loosen tight muscles, opens energy channels, improves flexibility, and will truly relieve stress and anxiety.
80 mins -$150

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